Thursday, March 12, 2009

Universal Truth

My goal in life is to become this great writer who wins a Nobel Peace Prize, works for the UN(promoting equality for humankind), has a role in the film industry; an artistic craving I can't deny, and someone who has made a significant difference in the world. Most importantly, I want to be remembered for the contribution my very existence provided for others. I don't want to be some powerhouse but rather a respected and much referenced microcosm buried somewhere in history's dusty pages. Is that to much to ask?
A craving for recognition or better yet where luck and opportunity collide is like a woman's need for chocolate. (I personally don't love chocolate but I'm one out of a million which makes my preferences irrelevant amongst the masses.) When she gets that milky sweet sensation pulsing through her taste buds and her saliva circulates sending signals to the brain of satisfaction, it is divine; or so I've heard. 
That must be what it feels like to finally score your big break. Big break meaning that chance to finally demonstrate the potential that has been obscured by financial woes. It's no secret the rich prosper even further because of their freedom to truly indulge in their desired craft. Internships that pay nothing are an excellent stepping stone if you have your parents paying rent. It's a catch-22 really. I can't quit my job to do what I really love because you have to start at the bottom to get to the top. Now the bottom is not what I'm afraid of, it's an empty stomach and malnourished diet I fear. 
All you have is the universal truth that FAITH should be your dearest strength.
I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals and make all of my dreams come true. As a little girl that's all I had were dreams of greatness. I didn't see a white picket fence or a white dress for that matter. I didn't crave fame or an artificial spotlight; I dreamed of books galore in my own library, with a few written by me). A girl can dream.

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Romantic16 said...

I like what you said in the "Universal Truth", because I feel what your saying. Your words have so much to them. It made me look at things differently. Thanks.