Saturday, January 31, 2009

How could I leave out Maggie?

And some more...Selma and Evan

Old school 2005 but so undated...just fantastic 

Uh Yeah...Exactly

This image screams FASHION HEDONISM

Miu Miu

Prada's diffusion line, the first three letters of the legendary Miuccia Prada, is Miu Miu. Surprisingly many don't know this and they just follow the latest celebrity trend. Well get with it and do your research. Being ignorant to the roots of a fashion line and only in tune with which celeb is rocking it is the same as eating meat and not knowing what animal it's from. Gross. So you saw on E! News last week Jessica Alba was shopping at Miu Miu in Beverly Hills and you want in? Oh love, you were already out before you bought the bag and assumed it's popularity was based on celeb fixation.
I love Miu Miu and you should too. You'll be happy to know that Miuccia Prada doesn't give GRATIS to the next it girls arm for brand placement. She is, as usual, one step ahead of almost everyone. She already nabbed her...for her season's spreads. Welcome Katie Holmes 2009! French mademoiselle Vanessa Paradis can now take a rest with her beautifully talented and impeccably visaged hubby, Johnny Depp(him on another blog), and drink wine from their personal vineyard. Before her was the adorable but highly respected Kirsten Duns. Laeticia Costa was absolutely breath-taking but isn't she always? Let's not forget those velvet pinked beet lips on La Lohan...and her au natural red hair.
For my 25th birthday I asked for a Miu Miu purse from my husband. Hey, I'm a responsible student(who works full-time), so it's cash only for my splurge. It's long awaited and so close...I can just feel it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Banned Calvin Klein commercial

Can we talk about the new Calvin Klein commercial/ads that have been deemed too racy for TV? Are we shocked, surprised, offended?!? Should we expect any less? All I have to say is during this global fashion-recession it's time to pull out all the stops with the most innovative sexually charged adverts. What will Marc Jacobs  stir up? Is this so offensive or are we just a conservative society...yes censorship is still valid in America. So while we prevent an upset in our cultural norm, Europe enjoy! Or just check out my blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I've been a member since June and have not posted one thing. I know, I know, most people are thinking, "And she calls herself a writer?" In my defense I was suffering from a serious disorder...lost in Excuseville, or a lingering LAG-a-saurus-Rex, or simply put... denial. I've been searching for a starting point for months claiming I have writers block but really I just wasn't inspired. I walked into Starbucks today for my London Fog Tea Latte with soy(delish) and spotted my starting point.
A painting that was an exact replica of a magazine photo. It put me at a standstill and I had to pause my "Hello Kitty for MAC" telephone conversation with V and snap a picture. As I was leaving there he was with his paintbrush, delicately placing his caffeinated strokes, one by one. He was at ease and completely unaware of his surroundings(isn't everyone in Hollywood?). Perhaps he woke up this morning and said, "I need to paint something, anything, today. I'm so not inspired but the sun is shining again after a stint of rain and it calls for a piece of art. Oh yeah, the mag I bought yesterday has this illusive model dying to be painted." 
However he ended up there vs. a park I'll never know but I do know I'm a firm believer in signs and him having his setup at the doorway was something I decided to take as a sign. Get inspired and do what you've been wanting to do. Blog it baby!